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Chris Wood



Chris Wood first became interested in aviation when his father took him to see the X-15 ground engine test from the block house testing facility. His dad worked for NASA at Edwards AFB in California on the X-Plane series of aircraft, X-3, X-5 and X-15. In the 1960's Chris picked up his love of warbirds and unlimited racing by going to the National Air Races held at Fox Field in Lancaster and also in Mojave, California.

In the late 1960's, Chris worked two summers at Edwards AFB as an electrician's apprentice. In 1970, Chris was employed as an intern working for NASA in the Avionics Development Lab. He began hanging around the local airport during high school where Bill Barnes, son of Poncho Barnes, had a collection of warbirds. He helped the mechanics do anything they would let him do.

Chris was hooked when he finally got his first airplane ride in 1971 in a Cessna 150. By 1978 he had saved enough money to begin flying lessons and in January 1979, earned his pilots license.

Chris holds a Private pilots license with a Letter of Authorization in the T-28. Chris is currently employed by Lockheed as a Group Engineer on the F-22 Program.

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