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Kent Holiday




Growing up in the West Texas town of Pecos, Kent Holiday became the local "airport kid" at the age of 8. Working at odd jobs around the airport, he had his first airplane ride in a P51 Mustang with the legendary Lefty Gardner at the age of 9.

Working at the airport to pay for his flying, he earned all of his FAA pilot certificates at the minimum age for each. He went on to begin his professional flying career at the age of 18 flight instructing, towing gliders, and crop dusting on weekends and summers while attending New Mexico Military Institute. Following graduation there he continued his professional career as a corporate pilot before joining a major US airline in 1988, where he now flies as a Boeing 777 Captain. Additionally, he is the Chairman of the Air Line Pilots Association Aeromedical Committee at his airline, and concurrently is a Partner in the prestigious aviation consulting firm, AeroConsulting Experts of Los Angeles. Additionally he has completed coursework at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University and the University of Southern California. He has won national awards and recognition for his work in aviation safety as well as for mentoring young aviators.

Always active in general aviation, he has owned and operated numerous acrobatic and vintage military aircraft. He is rated in land planes and sea planes, and numerous turbojet aircraft. Additionally he actively flies aircraft such as the P51, P40, B25, and B17 for various flying museums.

He is proud to be a member of the Trojan Phlyers.

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