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Trojan Phlyers Race Team 

The Trojan Phlyers along with team members Neil Anderson and Rick Raesz, were the force behind the first ever T-28's that ever raced at the Reno National Championship Air Races throughout the 1990's. Neil and Rick met with RARA, Reno Air Racing Association and formed the T-28 Race Class. It was comprised of a field of six aircraft from T-28's all over the US. There were two Race Classes, the Gold and Silver. Neil and Rick started racing the T-28's at the Phoenix Air Races in the early 90's. This helped set the pace that they needed to help create the standards of the new Reno race class.

The first Reno T-28 Air Race Class race was in 1996 with Neil Anderson, Rick Raesz, John Sledge and Ron McFarland as pilots that represented the Trojan Phlyers Race Team. Neil and Rick were the primary race pilots with Ron and John as backup. The T-28 Race Class flew races from 1996 till 1999 when RARA decided to replace the T-28 Class with the Sport Class.

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Below is footage from the 1998 Reno Air Races and our magnificent T-28's in action with Neil Anderson and Rick Raesz at the controls.


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Below is footage from the Speed Vision coverage of Sunday's Gold Race. Our Trojan Phlyers Race Team brought home the Gold with Rick Raesz at the controls of N28NE with team member John Sledge taking second place in N28NB.


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