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Trojan Phlyers Restoration Scrapbook

In the beginning...a pile of parts for three T-28's arrived on three flatbed trucks at Hicks Airfield on February 8, 1990. To say the least, flight for these old warbirds looked like an impossible dream. But the determination, sweat and unrecorded man-hours of labor by Chuck Anderson (Neil's son) and Ron Anderson came to fruition when the first T-28, N28NB made it's first flight on October 26, 1991, test piloted by Neil Anderson. The new R1820-86 A engine was built by JR Sandberg. The aircraft flew as Neil remembered from his days of instructing in the T-28 for the Armed Services. The aircraft comes complete with several patched bullet holes.


As the saga continued...restoration of the second aircraft at the talented hand of Earl Schafer, Greenwich Aviation, Waco, Texas began in 1994. On September 28, 1996, N28NE Trojan Phlyer's second T-28 made it's first official flight test piloted by Rick Raesz. The third aircraft project, still boxed and filled with bullet holes from time served in combat, was sold for a flying T-28. Labor and the availability of salvageable parts for these vanishing warbirds control the outcome of major restoration projects like these. It remains the goal of Trojan Phlyers to preserve, fly and share the history and magic of these vintage military aircraft, the T-28 Trojans.


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